Breathe deeply and move subsurface in Salt Mine Wieliczka.

the wieliczka salt mineWieliczka Salt Mine, which belongs to one of the superior attractions along Poland, offers the fascinating tourist track for visitors from all around the world. Although the lenght of the entire salt mine is around three hundred kilometers, guests are normally guided around 3,5 km of varying, engrossing spots and attractions inside 65-135 meters subsurface.

Be prepared to find marvelous chapels, magical subsurface water reservoirs, original means as well as some inventions on the in the course of the sightseeing. These are large chambers, unusual subsurface bodies of water, extraordinary appliance and mechanical devices and many others. Besides, anyone will respect many saved hints of mining toil as well as large salt hand-made items, creations and many other interesting objects.

As facing the end of your sightseeing tourists are welcomed to buy memorable pieces of salt of different sorts. You should visit the beautiful Mine in Wieliczka particularly if you have respiratory illnesses or allergic reactions because the inside air has many curing traits. Take up any warmer clothes and visit the exciting tangles, passageways and paths in the Wieliczka Salt Mine!

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