The Wieliczka salt mine named epic sign of salt trade.

wieliczka salt mineIt is a well-known spot of inheritance to dozens generations of miners and their families.
There is no doubt that Wieliczka Salt Mine has aid meaningfully to back up national economy. What is more – Wieliczka is described as the oldest country’s make. Not everybody knows that Wieliczka is a first firm that has marked their salt with a label. Strictly speaking, the label used to emerge on the purest and most white salt designed for the kings. The barrels, where the manufacture was kept, were tagged with the symbol of the Royal Eagle. The coat of arms didn’t modify since the medieval times – that gives an excellent example of reserving tradition and taking care of the quality and reliability of the business.

Krakow salt mines are a characteristic synonym of national economy, manufacturing and national haughtiness. Even though many people associate that mine with a chiefly tourist place, it is important to mention, that Wieliczka is treated also as a protector of artistic activities. Breathtaking underground world is a host to various cultural happenings such as shows and recitals. Last but not least, most famous Polish salt mine is also a spot where tourists have possibility to get to know all the stages of extraction expansion.

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