Fascinating visitng of Salt mine Wieliczka.

wieliczka toursIt is assessed that every year thousands of guests decide to see Wieliczka. The tourist attracting salt mine is located at the depth of 327 meters and its undergrounds corridors are over 300 km long. Although the mine’s tracks are so wide, visitors have possibility to pass a 3,5 km route, where there are many eye-catching antique monuments and mythical objects.

The most important point of a visit is dazzling chapel cut by miners. A wonderful chandelier hanging up the wall rivets everybody’s attention because of the fact that it is done from rock salt that has astonishing, transparent aspect. While having the guided Wieliczka Salt Mine tour tourist have also possibility to get to the room where the faces were carved by mine’s workers to resemble wood, admire the display relevant to the history of mine and admire an subterranean lake.

During the trip to Wieliczka Salt Mine it is worth to recall several brilliant personalities who had been there in the past years – J.G. Goethe, Nicolaus Copernicus, Bolesław Prus (who created the Labyrinth episode from his popular historical novel ‘Pharaoh’ after his visit to Wieliczka), Bill Clinton, John Paulus II and Ignacy Paderewski.

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