Wieliczka Salt Mine great tourist place

wieliczka salt minesProbably every person in Poland associate that spot. The newcomers arrive there in large numbers from dozens of various lands and countries. Not only a well-known historic monument but also UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 1978. Most reads very likely guess which obcject is described here. For sure, it may not be nothing but Salt Mine Wieliczka. The mine is placed not so far from to one of the most important town in Poland – KraKow, in the southern part of the country.

The noteworthy fact about Wieliczka Salt Mine is that the spot located near a little town under the same name has opened in the 13th century. We can get to know from many sources of information that Wieliczka is the oldest manufacture of such type and one of the oldest still running company from the Middle Ages – not only in the country but also in the entire world. Now the mine join both rich tradition and modernity.

Sightseers visiting Wieliczka have possibility to acquaint with the operation of mining kitchen salt and become acquainted with a huge subterranean structure. Wieliczka Salt Mine is also important for employees who have worked there and their relatives.

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